Greens will restore London's lost youth services

sian berry youth services victory photoGreen Assembly Member Sian Berry has succeeded in starting to reverse the shocking cuts in funding of youth services in London

Research carried out by Green London Assembly member Sian Berry has revealed the shocking amount by which youth services in London have been cut since 2011 - the cumulative amount adds up to more than £145 million.

Sian has been instrumental in beginning to reverse these cuts.  In February she announced that she had succeeded in persuading Mayor Sadiq Khan to create a £45 million three-year fund to support youth services - see her celebratory Facebook post.

Enfield Greens are committed to restoring the necessary level of funding for youth services in the borough - in order to improve the health and happiness of future generations (not to mention improving the lives of their parents).

Sian's report into cuts in youth services

 londons lost youth services 1Click on the image to read the report

Main findings 2011/12 to 2017/18: